Official FoF Promotion

Today marks the official day we started promoting Friend or Foe! Just in time for Christmas?? Here are the details:

Hello all!

I officially published my first board/card game, called Friend or Foe. I would love if some of you were interested in purchasing the game and supporting me. Friend or Foe is a 2-4 player strategy card & board game, it can be played competitively or cooperatively, and every game is unique!

It comes in 2 different Editions (each of these includes the whole game but the “Mobile” version is a smaller “travel edition,” and uses location cards in lieu of a game-board). This is where you can purchase either:

  1. The Game-board Edition: LINK
  2. The Mobile Edition: LINK

(NOTE: with the US exchange rate, shipping & customs, it is rather expensive!)

If you are interested to learn more about the game, email me anytime! My game website is here: The manufacturer, The Game Crafter, stated HERE that any purchases made before Dec 1st (in Canada, ie. TOMORROW!) and Dec 10th (in the US), would get to your place before Christmas. I’d love if some of you would consider my game, thank you so much!
–Rob Gosselin


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