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Oscar Linder, Oliver Ryan, David Revoy & The Blender Foundation, Junaid Khan, Ben Dansie, and Aldo Ojeda Campos

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In the winter of 2007, while I was studying for my final exams at university I thought, “I should make a card game!” So after one (long) night, Friend or Foe was born. Originally dubbed, “The Card Game o’ Life,” this game started first on cue-cards but went latent for some time with only intermittent trial plays among friends (LINK). In the fall of 2011, I did a major update of the game (LINK), getting nicely printed cards shipped to me from When Jacob Reetz saw these he said, “So, when are we going to play?” This generous gesture sparked the beginning of many after-school games together between friends and foes alike (LINK). Years of playtesting followed, with incredibly timely input from family and friends along the way. Then, with the help of several wonderful artists, and the support of my dear wife, Friend or Foe got a complete facelift in 2014-2015 to prepare for its official debut. Thanks to The Game Crafter, Friend or Foe is now available worldwide. The rest, they say, is history.

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